A GRAMMY Award and 12 Time Native American Music award winning artist; and Wolf Clan member of the Iroquois Confederacy, Joanne Shenandoah has fulfilled the promise of her Native American name, Tekaliwah-kwa, (She Sings). " She's become one of the most acclaimed Native American recording artists of her time."

Musician Geoffrey Gary; Conscious, politically aware, dynamic, energetic, smooth at times yet forceful at others – this is Hip-Hop on a higher level. Inspired by such artists as KRS-1 and Sizzla, Mr Free's easy flowing style, intellectual slant on world affairs, passion for the environment and everyday living brings appeal to people on all levels and from every age group.

We offer you our friend, Arnold Richardson's Spirit and Soul compact disc. A Saponi/Tuscarora flautist and national recording artist, Tsanedose, has four previously released CDs, one of which, "Center of the Universe", was a final nominee for Best Instrumental of the Year at the 2001 Native American Music Awards. The melodic tones of the red cedar flute, accompanied by harmonies of the voice of Mohawk singer, "Awi", transports the listener to a magical place, taking them into a new dimension of Spirit and Soul, from a Native American perspective. You can conveniently purchase this compact disc from our webstore.

JIMMY WOLF @ Bandcamp
Jimmy wolf is a singer-songwriter-guitarist who brings a new and exciting energy to the world of blues and rock. He takes the delta-chicago blues, 50's rock and R&B then mixes it with chainsaw guitar and overdriven voice to create a soulful music experience. Jimmy toured with Jimmy "fast fingers" Dawkins, Bill Doggett, and Larry "texas flood" Davis.


Motivational Speaker and Writer, Brenda Silverhand is author of Silver Scripts on When Brenda Silverhand writes or speaks to audiences, she delivers the message with integrity and compassion. A soul connection takes place between the author and the reader, the motivator and the listener. Her words of inspiration and encouragement come from the heart.

This gifted artist has long been a good friend of Ted’s for many years. We love his work and know you will as well. Please take a look for yourself!

NATIVE VILLAGE website was created for youth, educators, families, and friends who wish to celebrate the rich, diverse cultures of The Americas' First Peoples.

Dedicated to The Continued Advancement of World Health Through Healing Body, Mind, & Spirit of All Creators Manifestations!

The Stoneman - Stone Reader
Your very own online unique boutique for custom handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry.
Francine Bizzari is a gifted psychic who resides in Auburn, New York
Universal Talk is a web site that you can visit and explore alternate ideas of the reality we call life.
Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who discovered "Orgone" energy, found that this energy is emitted by all living things, and can be found all around us, including the Earth's atmosphere, and even outer space. Dr. Reich invented a means by which one could accumulate this energy, by the layering of metals and organic materials for the purpose of harnessing the energy. Orgone energy is also known by various metaphysical disiplines as Life Force, Prana, Chi etc.
Generational Qi Gong Master Teresa Yeung Qi Gong (pronounced chee gong meaning energy work) is an 5,000 years old ancient art of the Chinese. It is the base of creation, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Reflexology, Reiki, etc. It is sometimes described as "acupuncture without needle". The Wu's Eye Qi Gong™ program has been researched with 4,000 people and proven to have over 90% success rate. Please visit: Wu & Yeung® Qi Gong Wellness Institute, for online download, dvds and certification program. Coach William Power HEALING DIABETES ~ THE QI GONG WAY Coach William specializes in balancing the heart, mind and physical body with his Heart Based Chi™ method. He put his Type II diabetes into remission and prevented himself from a knee operation naturally. Rebuilding his life from the inside out, he lost 60 pounds, grew his hair back, and now at 51 is feeling younger than he did at 39.

Strong Nations Books
Located in Nanaimo, B.C., Strong Nations offers the best selection of First Nations, Aboriginal, Inuit, Metis, Indigenous and Native American books for all ages.


The Trinity Files
This is the highly recommended "go to" book written by our personal friend and healer, Marc Westerterp. The Trinity Files taps into universal intelligence and explores our true ethereal existence. It reveals a new world of understanding and enlightenment. It introduces us to our higher states of consciousness and how we possess the ability to unify with these states of being. It teaches us how to connect with our own Soul and discover the vast knowledge that each and every one of us possesses, but have locked away. It teaches us that we are never alone. It teaches us compassion for our fellow beings. It explains why we are here. It'll take you on a journey of Truth, Healing, Knowledge & Light.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
by Dr. Wayne Dwyer

Real Cause, Real Cure
by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD & Bill Gottlieb

Road to the Sundance: My Journey Into Native Spirituality
by Manny Twofeathers

Spiritual Liberation
by Michael Beckwith

Big Medicine from Six Nations

by Ted Williams

Broken Open

by Elizabeth Lesser

And Grandma Said

by Tom Porter

A New Earth
by Eckhart Tolle

Iroquois Culture and Commentary
by Doug George

Native Wisdom
by Ed Eagle Man McGaa

Exiled in the Land of the Free: Democracy, Indian Nations and the US Constitution
by Oren Lyons and John Mohawk

The Thirteen Grandmothers

by Jamie Sams

Thinking Indian

by John Mohawk

The Untethered Soul
by Michael Singer

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