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Dear Friends of Spirit...

Thank you for visiting us this month through the wonders of the Internet. Each month with Spirit's guidance, I will be writing spiritually inspired letters of healing, motivation and inspiration. It is Ted's and my prayer that these writings will speak to your heart and will give you courage and light to follow your Spirit path.

None of us are here by accident. News of our birth may or may not have been a surprise to our parents, nonetheless, our earthly beginnings were planned in Spirit World long before our official entrance. Each one of us was given special gifts that were meant to be shared with others. Some, like Ted, were given the ability to see into other realms, others the gift of healing, some the ability to write or create the most beautiful music. There are designers, tailors, teachers, bakers, hunters, those who practice law and those who protect us. Not one of us are without gifts from the Creator. What is absolutely critical is that we use the gifts we have been given appropriately and with sacred intent because we are held accountable for what we have been given. We must walk honourably in our calling; it is our purpose, it is our power, our reason for being. When we are in alignment with our purpose, we walk in peace. When we are out of alignment we find ourselves on a never ending path of searching and discontent.

We may have endured many challenges and overcome many obstacles on our journey but it is that very thing we have overcome that often leads us into our calling. Oprah is a beautiful example of one who has experienced many challenges, yet she took what was negative and turned it into what she has become today.....a positive influence on millions of people of all races, ages and levels of society. What we do know is that we are NOT what has happened to us in the past. We are much, much more! And we NEVER use our past as an excuse for our future.

Today we have used the word "survivor" almost as our identity. We often hear people refer to themselves or others as a cancer survivor, a residential school survivor, a Holocaust survivor, a rape/incest survivor. If we are in our place of power, we never refer to ourselves as a survivor of anything because the word "survivor" links us to the very thing we have survived. It becomes the core of what we are. It becomes our identity. As long as we use that term to describe who we are, The Law of Attraction states that we keep that very thing active in our lives by giving it our attention and our energy. Again.....we are much, much more than that! We are grateful for what we have learned through the experience but we have no time or energy to waste on what we have overcome because there is so much more we are meant to accomplish!

Understand that "Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determines what we will be!" (Anthony Robbins). We have often heard, our beliefs are our reality; we are what we think we are. There are no limits in what we can become no matter what our past has been. The Universe "wants" us to succeed. IT wants us to be joyful and to have abundance. If we are discontent with where we are in life we must acknowledge that we are the ONLY ones who are responsible for our current situation and we are the ONLY ones who can change what is not working. It is us and no one else.

Trust in Spirit who wants all good things for us, supports us and brings forward that which we desire to have and to become. By taking one step at a time, each one of us can create a magnificent life full of love and abundance! But you must take the first step!

...know that you are never alone and that the Great Mystery walks beside you and is with you on your journey.

Walk in Power! Many blessings,

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