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"What I Know For Sure About Ted Silverhand"

A Wife's Spiritual Perspective of her Husband's Gifts...
Brenda Silverhand.

Dear Friends of Spirit,

Watch for the following article to appear in an upcoming issue of "Metaphysical Times".

Ted Silverhand, a Tuscarora native, was born in Dunn, North Carolina, the first son of a young high school principal and his wife, a teacher. His entrance into the earth realm was a traumatic one and many times during his young life he stood at the gateway between life and death. It was the love of his parents who continually prayed for his healing that kept him earth bound. Ted still treasures letters from his father that he wrote to his infant son telling him of his deep love and his vision for his life. He said he knew he was a "special" one with gifts to share with the world and consistently prayed that he would be strong and fight to survive.

Because of his allergies to the white man's milk and severe asthmatic state, he was taken as a very young child to the Jewish Home for Asthmatic Children in Denver, Colorado, hundreds of miles from his family. The difficulty of travel in those days allowed him to see his family only one time in four years. His childhood was not an easy one, yet it was through his loneliness for his family and his constant struggle for life that he felt the compassion for all who walked the earth plane with difficulties.

Ted was very young when he was first visited by a Spirit Guide whose name was Bedobin, which in Ojibwa means "First Light". She came to him during the early morning hours while others slept. At first frightened, she told him not to fear for her purpose was to introduce him to his Spirit Counsel which would be with him for the remainder of his life. As he met with his teachers, the Counsel of Elders, he was shown his gifts as a "seer" and given instructions for his journey. He was to give insight to those whom Spirit brought to him and offer healing and counsel with his words.

A medicine man gave Ted his spirit name, Pahocatawa, which means, "One Who Walks Amongst the Stars".

In the native tradition, a seer is one who sees into the past, present and future. Ted comes from a long lineage of seers dating back to the early 1700's. His mother was a seer, his grandmother, great grandfather and so on. The seer was the one in the traditional sense that gave spiritual insight to the elders of the tribe such as when to plant, when to hunt, when to go to war, even the innocence or guilt of a tribal member. Those who came sought spiritual wisdom on important matters. Ted is quick to point out he is neither a medicine man or a shaman; he is a seer and as for all who have this gift, he is not infallible.

For over 50 years, Ted Silverhand has done readings for thousands of people. Some have come from all over the world while others were celebrities such as Elvis Presley, LaToya Jackson, Johnny Cash and Roseanne Barr. Yet it is the everyday person of all walks of life, struggling to survive the challenges of the journey, which touch his heart the deepest.

When one sits with Ted, he will touch their head and shoulders lightly with a sacred eagle or red tail hawk feather, offering a prayer that he would transfer the information he receives accurately and that their heart would be open to hear the words that are given. He will then begin to speak in regard to their health, finances, family, career and relationships. Once he has completed that portion of the reading, he will ask, "What is it that you want to know?" giving time to the seeker to ask their own questions. Some are of difficult situations they are concerned with on the earth plane while others are about past lives, spirit guides, animal totems or a loved one who has crossed over into Spirit World. The conversation is recorded on a CD for the person to take home with them.

Honouring his native roots he continues to travel thousands of miles each year to work with Native communities such as The Cree Nation, Six Nations, Akwasasne and Kahnawake as well many others across the United States and Canada. For him, it is returning home, a sacred place where he seeks information and guidance of the elders and works to spread healing to the many on reservations and reserves who are suffering.

I have come to know this spirit man as one with a sensitive heart and a compassionate spirit, although there are many times when the message is a difficult one to deliver. "To whom much is given much is required." Long after the readings have been completed he retires to his Spirit Room in our home, brings out his pipe and offers prayers on behalf of the people who have sought his counsel. His altar holds pictures of those who seek prayers of healing for themselves and their families. At times he will arise at sunrise and perform ceremonies for those in extremely difficult situations.

In regard to our future on the planet, Ted says that we will remain in very trying times leading up to 2012 and beyond. He believes it will not be the end of the world, yet there is coming a positive transformation of the way we live our lives. We have not seen the end of difficult financial situations rather just the beginning. He believes that many will choose to leave the earth plane during this time. He also says that true light bearers are being incarnated to help us through this stressful time of chaos, increased illnesses and stark geographical changes. He believes with all that is within, that during the darkest times, we are never alone and that Spirit gives us grace and wisdom to survive. Light will "always" overcome darkness and one day soon, we will all live together in peace honouring Mother Earth, all that lives and all that is sacred.

*Brenda Silverhand has been a motivational writer and lecturer for over 20 years and has written articles for business and spiritual publications. She authors Silver Scripts, an inspirational page on Brenda lives in Corning, NY and shares her home and her journey with her husband Ted Silverhand.

...know that you are never alone and that the Great Mystery walks beside you and is with you on your journey.

Ted and I send our love to you and your families.
Walk in Power! Many blessings,

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