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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to all of you and may the Great Mystery grant you the desires of your heart this year!

As the new year unfolds with unlimited opportunities to progress on our spirit path together, it is with heartfelt joy that I announce to you a new endeavour that Spirit has led us toward.

As many of you are aware, my wife Brenda, is an avid writer and a dynamic inspirational/motivational speaker and workshop leader. Spirit has spoken to both of us that it is her time to move forward in her calling and return to the lecture circuit as she has done in the past. She is currently working on her own website with our very talented webmaster and friend, Marc Westerterp. It will be released later this year. We will continue to travel together as much as our schedules will allow.

In addition, Brenda will be writing a monthly inspirational message on this site to encourage you on your spirit journey and provide some insight to what will be coming in the future from her Life Teacher, Solomon, who has been with her since the age of five. She has been and will continue to support my calling as I will do the same for her. We both feel very blessed to be able to work together to help others live life joyfully on their spirit path. You can look forward to hearing from her every month beginning in February.

There is much chaos that will be coming to the world in future years. We are reminded of global circumstances every time we pick up a newspaper or hear a news broadcast. We know that ancient prophecies are being realized. Spirit is calling people from all walks of life to come together in peace. It is time to motivate ourselves and our families to live life with positive energy and purposeful intentions. We must do the work it takes to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Brenda and I wish you and your family a powerful year of good health, realization of your dreams and great prosperity!

...know that you are never alone and that the Great Mystery walks beside you and is with you on your journey.

Ted Silverhand

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