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"Moving toward the new........."

Brenda Silverhand.

Dear Friends of Spirit, It has been some time since writing to you and I look forward to sharing with you the many positive changes that have taken place since being with you last.

Ted and I moved to Corning, New York in February to assist in the care of my 87 year old mother. This powerful woman stands on the edge between both worlds and for the time we have left with her we wanted to be close by. The lessons I have learned in the past few months from my mother have been enormous. They are truths I could not have experienced any other way.

One may consider it a sacrifice to have left the chaos and financial stability of Corporate America having had a long, successful career, yet the true gift of this move has been to be able to spend this valuable time with a very, very wise elder who continues to teach me with her life.

Spirit is gracious to give us more than what we need. When making the decision to relocate, I called my friend Susan who is in real estate, and told her we needed to relocate immediately and oh by the way......if she could find us a house in a peaceful wooded area, that would be extra wonderful. Within 30 minutes she e-mailed me..."Do I have a house for you!" She did and we are blessed to be in a quiet and peaceful environment nutured by Mother Earth herself. It is a beautiful place in which to rest and be creative. The birds wake us every morning with a new song and the spirit of the trees remind us of the constant cycle of birth, death and rebirth. We observe the younger trees, so flexible in the wind, flowing and bending to acts of nature. They remind us that it is important to relax and to flow with transitions as they come. They are graceful as their entire bodies dance on windy days. Eventually they transition into older stronger trees. We learn stability and strength from those who stand strong and tall no matter what the weather. They have seen much and experienced much and stand as powerful teachers showing us that whatever comes also passes, good and bad. But we must remain strong and not give up. We are so grateful to Spirit for giving us such a place of inspiration and beauty.

Our spirit journey is taking on new life and new depths as well as an increased responsibility to share what we learn with the world for the purpose of healing each other and ultimately, the planet. Recently we have included two CDs in the webstore of talks Ted did to audiences in Paris. Many people have asked to hear some of his story and his wisdom and so we have offered them to you. In addition, we are meeting with a producer this week to film us at our home sharing with you stories of celebration and victory as well as enlightenment we have received on our path. Spirit has encouraged us to produce a series of conversations that will serve fellow travelers on all walks of life. Talks of life, death and of renewal. Please keep us in your prayers as we depend on your friendship and your love to support this new endeavour Spirit is calling us to do. You can expect to see our first DVD in the webstore in September.

As always, it has been my gift from Spirit to be able to share my journey with you. You are always welcome to e-mail your thoughts and comments here. I look forward to hearing from you!

...know that you are never alone and that the Great Mystery walks beside you and is with you on your journey.

Ted and I send our love to you and your families.
Walk in Power! Many blessings,

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