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"Courage is realizing you're afraid and still acting"
Rudolph Guiliani

When Rudolph Guiliani made the statement above, he was talking with Barbara Walters in regards to the exhausted and traumatized people of New York City in their on-going recovery from the bombings of the World Trade Center where so many lives were lost to us. As a nation, we grieved the loss of our loved ones and our sense of security.

But through those events in New York City and at The Pentagon, heroes began to emerge. Some were recognized immediately such as the many firemen and peace officers that gave so much.....the Father who refused to stop helping others out of the fallen mess of steel until he himself fell. Others are being recognized years afterward.....some will never be discovered. One by one, out of the ashes of fear and despair, spirits began to unite, to support each other and offer some form of courage ..... some light for the journey.

We continue to walk on the backs of the courageous acts of our ancestors who refused to quit or give up when there seemed to be no easy way through. In every family's and every nation's history there are those who stepped out of their own prison of fear to create a smoother path for those of us who followed. In every heroic act, there is a moment of choice that one is faced with. It is the choice of being a victim paralyzed by current perceptions and activities or the choice to move matter what.

Not one of us is exempt from learning our lessons of overcoming fear and becoming courageous. We are constantly faced with challenges and sometimes with obstacles that seem unbearable. It is part of our being in the Earth School.

When young men in native tradition, transition into manhood, they go on a sacred vision quest. It is the time when the young man is separated from all humans and taken alone to a sacred place where, once he has battled the fear of being completely alone, receives visions and wisdom from Spirit. Until he overcomes his fear, he is unable to receive his calling and realize his authentic power.

It is when we understand that we can choose for the past to remain as old history without any current power that we can move past old ugly recordings of loss and devastation. It is when we realize that the future is not promised and that the vast majority of all things we worry about never actually manifest, that we regain our power of the present. It is in the present where we can courageously stand up, declare our new beginnings and our victories and refuse to be buried. It is the present moment when we choose to take control over what we see and hear and bravely forge ahead with faith in our spirits. It is when authentic power rises from within and takes over our despair. It is the voice within that tells us to continue on, there is hope, there is light just ahead. Don't give up!

Those unexplainable losses that throw us into despair so deep that they are voiceless....are our gifts in disguise. They happen to us so we can gain access to a higher level of understanding and consciousness. Choose to let go of all your expectations and disappointments and surrender to the gentle voice of the Great Mystery who is leading us toward wholeness and peace. In your own quiet moment, release your struggle. When you have let go of your fear...... your energy, your power will arise within you and wisdom and strength for your journey will come forward.

And always, know that you are never alone and that the Great Mystery walks beside you and is with you on your journey.

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