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"The Woman is the hub of the wheel"
Ted Silverhand

Dear Friends of Spirit...

My mother is a very tiny and beautiful 86 year old woman who has come to the end of her journey. As she prepares herself to cross over into Spirit World she does it with dignity, with laughter and with class. Never having been a complainer, even in the worst of times, she taught me many lessons through the example of her life. They are simple lessons that are so rich and so powerful, it is an honour for me to share them with you.

1 - Always tell the truth, first to yourself and then to others. Lies are like pain killers, they may mask the issue for a time, but when the lies wear off, the truth always comes through with a vengeance! (As a child, vengeance meant a whipping.)

2 - Accept responsibility for every area of your life. At the end of the day, it is you and only you who has gotten you where you are right now. It is also only you who can alter your circumstances. (The accountability speech always came "before" the above mentioned vengeance.)

3 - Respect yourself and others. The Golden Rule is not a myth, it is the law of a peaceful existence. If you honour others, they will honour you when your time here has been completed. (When my mother does make her transition, there will hundreds from all walks of life at her funeral.)

4 - Be courageous! Move forward without fear.....there are no limits! (She proved this by learning of her first husband's death during the war on their first anniversary at the age of 21, burying my father at the age of 76 after 50 marvelous years of marriage; she survived well on her own for 7 years, much to our great surprise by marrying again at the age of 82 to a friend and partner who is so wonderful........she's right, there are no limits, all you really have to know is who you are!)

5 - Laugh as much as possible! There are already enough whiners in this world! Laughter can change your history. (My mother has a way of making you laugh during the worst of times.....she feels it is great medicine for the soul.)

6 - Love hard and forgive often. There are no limits on forgiveness and let's agree on this ... it keeps the lines off your face. (And in regard to relationships, she said forgiving doesn't mean you still stay with the just means you don't hold on to the baggage attached to him.)

7 - No matter how many losses come your way, after the grieving, pick yourself up and keep going. There is ALWAYS a new day and a new opportunity. (She is a a pro at getting on with life.)

8 - Keep your eyes and your mind open......there is too much to see and experience to sleep through it. (Some of my adventurous nature comes from these words of wisdom.)

9 - Love God with all your heart and soul. When the storms come and you can not see your way through, God is always there and will show you the way. (I have found this to be so true during the most difficult times of my life.)

10 - Always remember who you are. It is important. If you cannot remember, come to me and I will show you. "Relax.....relax..." she said, "All you really have to know who you are."

Thank you for letting me honour my mother and share some of her great wisdom with you. She has been my best friend for as long as I've been here ..... "age" she once said, is no-body's business but yours and mine!" That's my mother.....the hub of our family's wheel.

...know that you are never alone and that the Great Mystery walks beside you and is with you on your journey.

Ted and I send our love to you and your families.
Walk in Power! Many blessings,

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