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Hello, SA-GO-Trant, during these trying times, we are offering a reduced rate for consultations/readings via telephone. We will be extending these reduced rates into 2021, until further notice, all 30 minute phone readings will be available for $75usd.

To arrange a reading, please place your order below, once we confirm payment, we will contact you to setup a time. Each reading will include a CD copy, which will be sent to you. Please note that we cannot be responsible for failed compact disc recordings. All consultations are electronically recorded as a courtesy to the client. We advise you to also record the reading on your end.

30 Minute Phone Consultation with Ted Silverhand $75.

Purchase valid for phone consultations only.
30 Minute Phone Consultation $75usd


The Trinity Files
by M. R. Westerterp
**This book is highly recommended**

The Trinity Files taps into universal intelligence and explores our true ethereal existence. It reveals a new world of understanding and enlightenment. It introduces us to our higher states of consciousness and how we possess the ability to unify with these states of being. It teaches us how to connect with our own Soul and discover the vast knowledge that each and every one of us possesses, but have locked away. It teaches us that we are never alone. It teaches us compassion for our fellow beings. It explains why we are here.

It'll take you on a journey of Truth, Healing, Knowledge & Light.
Available Now on Amazon.com

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Add us as a friend on mewe.com, the Next-Gen Social Network, that respects your privacy!

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